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No Title Year Author Hits
841 Framework Research for the Development of the Korean Classification of Crime 2016 Dahye Chang, Sun-sun Lim, Yu-mi Jee 807
840 Study of Elements Violating the Act on the Protection, etc. of Temporary Agency Workers: The Classifying Standard of Temporary and Contract Work 2016 Dae-Keun Kim, Hee-sook Woo 695
839 A Study on the Criminal Law in the Joseon Dynasty: Comparison between the Criminal Law in the Joseon Dynasty and the Current Criminal Law 2016 Sung-Hoon An, Bu-gon Ryu, Ji-hoon Jeong 834
838 A Study on Factors of Change in Juvenile Inmates’ Behavior at Juvenile Correctional Centers 2016 Ji-Young Kim, Ji-Tae Hwang, Young-oh Jo 2
837 Criminal Justice Policy and Future Strategy for Social Change: Criminal Justice Policy with Multicultural Society 2016 Hyung-Min Bark, Sunghyun Cho, Seon-hee Kim 1
836 Strengthening the Forensic Science in Korean Criminal Justice System (VII): Response to Environmental Crime in the Time of Climate Change Crisis 2016 Jee-Young Yun, Jung-Ho Lim, Jong-hwan Kim, Jong-won Park, Seung-jun Lee 0
835 Research on Preventing Defense Industry Corruption and Strengthening its Criminal Punishments 2016 Hark-Mo Park 3
834 A Study on the Diversification of Sanctions against Corporate Illegality 2016 Jee-Young Yun, Jung-ho Lim 1
833 A Study of Mental Health Care in the Juvenile Reformatory 2016 Soo-jin Kwon, Jin You 3
832 A Study on the Obstruction of Police’s Performance of Official Duties 2016 Hae-Sung Yoon, Min Kyung Han 0
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