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No Title Year Author Hits
27 Framework Research for the Development of the Korean Classification of Crime 2016 Dahye Chang, Sun-sun Lim, Yu-mi Jee 808
26 Korean Crime Victim Survey (Ⅵ) : Commercial Victimization Survey 2016 Ji-Sun Kim, Tae Gyung Gahng, Ji-hyun Choo, Sung-hoon Roh 0
25 Integrating On-line system of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics in Korea' Project (XI) 2016 Ji-Sun Kim, Dahye Chang, Ji-hyun Choo, Hee Jung Park 0
24 Korean Crime Victim Survey (2014) 2015 Soo-Hyeong Choi, Ji-Young Kim, Ji-Tae Hwang, Hee Jung Park 0
23 Integrating On-line System of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics in Korea (Ⅹ) 2015 Ji-Young Kim, Soo-Hyeong Choi, Ji-Tae Hwang, Keol Choi, Hee Jung Park 1
22 Implementation of the International Classification of Crimes for Statistical Purposes in Northeast Asia Region 2015 Han-Kyun Kim, Angela Changjin Lee, Sung-hyun Cho, So Young Park, Hyeueon Bek 0
21 A Study on Measures to Improve Utilization of White Paper on Crime in Korea 2014 Ji-Sun Kim 5
20 A Study on Public Perception of Fairness in Law Enforcement 2012 Eui-Gi Shin, Eun-Young Kang 10
19 The Conflict Structure in Korean Society 2005 Cheol-Hyun Park 2
18 A Comparative Analysis of Crime Trends in Major Cities around the World 2005 In-Sub Choi 7
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