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No Title Year Author Hits
78 A Study on the Criminal Law in the Joseon Dynasty: Comparison between the Criminal Law in the Joseon Dynasty and the Current Criminal Law 2016 Sung-Hoon An, Bu-gon Ryu, Ji-hoon Jeong 834
77 Criminal Justice Policy and Future Strategy for Social Change: Criminal Justice Policy with Multicultural Society 2016 Hyung-Min Bark, Sunghyun Cho, Seon-hee Kim 1
76 Critical Review of Criminal Justice Bills during the 19th National Assembly of Korea 2016 Han-Kyun Kim, Jung-ho Kim, Jeong-yeon Kim 3
75 Legal Challenges in Criminal Justice under “Well-dying” Law 2016 Mi-Suk Park, Tae Gyung Gahng, Hyeon Chul Kim 0
74 Analysis of Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace and Study on Response Strategies from the Perspective of Criminal Justice Policy 2016 Jeong-Sook Yoon, Mi-Suk Park 0
73 Victim-Offender Mediation in Criminal Law Practice: Problems and Suggestions for Change and Improvement 2016 Mi-Suk Park 0
72 Criminal Policy to Balance Between the Freedom of Assembly and Public Order 2016 Hyun-Wook Chun, Min-kyung Han 0
71 The System and Management of Korean Criminal Justice (1): Focusing the Budget and Performance 2016 Jun-Hwi Park 0
70 Criminal Justice Policy to Strengthen Public Safety (I): Policies and Measures to Enhance Sense of Safety 2016 Young-Sil Jeon, Jea-Hyen Soung, Hyun-Wook Chun, Jin You, Jun Hee Park, Mee-young An 0
69 Study on the Criminal Justice Policy and Integration for Korean Re-Unification (II) : Transitional Justice and Social Integration in the Era of Korean Re-Unification 2016 Han-Kyun Kim, Tae Gyung Gahng, Hark-Mo Park 0
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